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    At Cepsa, we are experts in lubrication and we are always working to offer you the product that best suits your needs.
    From products for cars, motorcycles, trucks or vessels to lubricants for machinery, installations and production systems.
    All the brands we work with share with us the goal of offering lubricants and greases of the highest quality and standards.
    And not only that, we comply with all the safety controls in force to improve the performance of your machine or vehicle.


    Discover all the products and services that Cepsa offers in Lubricants.

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    Answer your questions about lubricants

    What is a lubricant for?

    Lubricants carry out other tasks essential for the effective functioning of the equipment:

    - They reduce friction between two metal surfaces
    - They protect mechanical parts from wear and corrosion
    - They clean and cool
    - To act as a sealant between the engine segments

    How many types of lubricants are there?

    The quality and performance of lubricants depend on the quality of the bases used, the improvements provided by the additives used and the physical-chemical characteristics of the finished lubricants.

    Regarding the type of application, the most important oils are:
    - Oils for 2- and 4-stroke engines
    - Marine Oils
    - Oils for transmissions and gearboxes
    - Lubricating greases (bearings)
    - Oils for industrial uses

    What additives can a lubricant have?

    All lubricating oils are made up of a base oil, usually derived from petroleum, and additives (compounds incorporated in small quantities into base oils to obtain a lubricant with the quality level and type of application appropriate).

    The most important additives according to the function they must complete are:
    - Antioxidant
    - Anti-rust
    - Detergent
    - Dispersant
    - Viscosity index improver
    - Freeze depressant


    What features do you have to take into account before buying a lubricant?

    The most important characteristics of the lubricants that define their class are:
    - Color
    - Viscosity
    - Viscosity index
    - Density
    - Flash point
    - Fire point
    - Pour point
    - Extreme pressure
    - Aeroemulsion
    - Demulsification
    - TBN

    Does Cepsa perform lubrication studies?

    Yes, Cepsa performs lubrication studies that you can consult here:  https://www.cepsa.es/en/utilities/catalogue/technical-assistance/lubrication-studies