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    Our Lubricants Technical Assistance team keeps on the cutting-edge technology, focusing our vision on innovation and the willing to adopt an international outlook. As part of our range of technical after-sales services, we are now offering a lubricant analysis and diagnosis service. Up until now, this service was known as SIGPAT, a widely recognized and appreciated name in our domestic market. We have now decided to rename this service as Cepsa OilMonitor, as we align ourselves with the constant upgrades being made to our laboratory equipment and teams, always tending to focus on the international markets. With this transformation we aim to carry technical excellence into our international expansion, providing you an unbeatable service under continuous improvement that is now identified accordingly.

    At our Cepsa Research Center, we operate a laboratory dedicated exclusively to analyzing oils in service. The information we offer is an essential management tool for preventive and corrective maintenance, supporting you to optimize the useful life of any facility or equipment.

    The results obtained from this analysis and the extensive experience of our expert lubrication engineers allow us to diagnose the state of the oil, identify potential faults in machinery and offer technical recommendations on how to prevent these from occurring.

    Simply log in to our private area in the Cepsa website to find useful information on how we diagnose your equipment. You’ll be able to:

      • Upload and monitor the state of your samples.
      • Update and modify the information on your facilities or machinery.
      • Download diagnostic reports made by our technical team.
      • View a log of the incidents affecting your equipment.